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Professionally and discreetly we bring your fantasy to life.

The best place in Central London for erotic, sensual, outcall and tantric massage is opened 24/7! Our salon provides an upscale incall and outcall service.

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Welcome to London Massage No1 where you can find the finest and sexiest London Escorts. We take great pride in offering you the most stunning bodies of beautiful masseuses, all available through our honest and discreet services.

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We offer erotic massage in Central London and we are open 24/7 .Call now   07581649432 or 07768498322



Erotic Massage in London Tantric Massage in London

If you want a Hotel Massage Visit service in Central London, after confirmation the masseuse will arrive in 15 min.

Erotic Massage London -Open 24/7

A temple for pleasure and relaxation

Our tantric massage London Parlour are ready to take you away from all the commotion of everyday life and lead you into a new world, a world of peace and calmness, where everything that exists is there for your own enjoyment. Beautiful models, exquisite massage techniques, and a perfect setting will make every second that you spend with us count: you have never felt the excitement of life until now if you haven’t visit us before.

All the lovely models that you see are professional and experienced masseuses that can take you on the highest peaks of pleasure and relaxation time and time again. With them by your side, all the stress and tension from your body will be chased away. With the help of these angels, you will discover that there is beauty in everything that exists, even in the places where you haven’t even dreamt before.

Our masseuses uses this extra secret technique for heightening and prolonging intimate pleasure, also heals wounded sexuality, leading to increased power, vitality and longevity. experiences. As you relax and open to this new experience, you will discover a burning fire in your center that has always been there, waiting for you to ignite!  Our Elite London massage parlour offers you sublime benefits.


London Sexy and Tantric MassageLondon Erotic Massage


Just take a closer look at how gorgeous our beautiful erotic massage London experts are and you will only get a small idea as to how beautiful they are in reality: these are just pictures and, no matter how professional they were taken, they will never capture the full beauty of these perfect ladies. Even more, just by looking at them you won’t know anything about their skills and experience.

And they do have the skills to make you feel wanted and to make you enjoy every second with them, in the most therapeutically way possible. They have all mastered the secrets of the most erotic and sensual massage techniques and you are the only they are waiting for. You will be their student and their teacher, because you have many beautiful things to learn from them, just like these angels have many things to learn from you.

They are waiting for you and you have never experienced the full gratitude of a woman if you haven’t visited us before. The best in London, our models have only one single pleasure: your please, to see you smiling, completely relaxed and completely satisfied. It would mean the world for them to give them your smile, so you can only imagine what they will do to get it.

All our erotic massage London techniques are of Oriental origin, so you know from the start that it won’t be just your body that will be healed, but also your spirit. With the hands of our lovely masseuses, you will experience again true happiness: happiness that comes from the intimate union between a man and a woman. Even more, this is the happiness that occurs only when two equal beings intertwine with each other: it won’t be just your bodies touching each other, but also your entire beings.

Nuru therapies, tantric massages, and everything that makes a man feel pleasure – they are all waiting for you to experience them. Our beautiful therapists are waiting to reveal al the secrets of these ancient Oriental techniques. They are waiting to show you how the ancient rulers of the earth spoiled themselves in the company of their beautiful women.

Call us now and find out for yourself that everything we have said is true. Don’t miss the opportunity of combining pleasure and excitement towards a greater goal: pure relaxation that will help you regenerate all your vitality. Your lovely erotic massage London therapists are waiting for you: be a gentleman and don’t let them wait for too long. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Just like a movie

If you also believe that a massage should be like in the movies, then you are more than welcome to come and visit us and our sensual therapists at our London erotic massage parlour. With us, every erotic fantasy you have ever had will become a reality – and, even better, it won’t be just about the physical pleasure but also about what follows after it. And this should be the most important aspect, no matter what kind of massage you are receiving – a sensual massage session should always relax you and help you regenerate your strength and fill you up with renewed vitality!

As far as the erotic massages our beautiful therapists can give you, we will leave everything to your imagination. And not just because we lack the words, but simply because it all comes to this: what your fantasies and wishes are. There are plenty of erotic massage techniques which could be used and only you can tell us which will better suit you. You are the centre of the universe with us and everything will revolve around you and your fantasies. We won’t impose a certain schedule, just like we won’t tell you when you should leave – if it makes you better, why should we hasten things up?

We can say however that your privacy will be completely respected – no matter what happens during your London erotic massage session, it will remain between you and your beautiful therapist. We know that you will be able to enjoy everything even more if you knew that, so don’t give it any second thought – discretion, just like your complete satisfaction, is guaranteed with us!

And we can say one more thing also: you will be amazed at how your therapist will make you feel, even from the first moment you have laid your eyes upon her! The session won’t even be started when she will reveal herself in her entire beauty, in the most erotic way possible! It will be as if she was dancing to some unheard soft tunes, igniting your imagination and offering you a glimpse of what will soon happen! It cannot get better at any other massage parlour! You will be mesmerized from the first moment you will see how professional our therapists can be!

There is also one more reason why we won’t say how your London erotic massage session will unfold – this way, we will keep the mystery unsolved until you have come to us. The exciting should reach unspeakable heights by now, so don’t torture yourself – call us and make your first appointment. Just like you, our beautiful masseuses are already waiting for you to arrive and they will do everything in order to make your dreams come true! Don’t let this whole mystery remain just like it is right now, and come and solve it yourself! It will be a life changing experience!

We are more than certain that after one session with our beautiful masseuses you will feel as if walking on clouds again. In the same way, we are certain that – as you’ll be walking away – the only thing in your mind would be about the next time you’ll visit us and our beautiful London erotic massage therapists. And that thought alone makes us glad – be certain that we will welcome you anytime and every time you will come!

Tantric Massage London

Asian Massage London has the best and well trained masseuse in the city,real sex bombs, with soothing and stimulating touch among aromatic oils that is both relaxing and exciting. The London massage open 24 hours it's all about learning to touch and be touched by a wonderful masseuse and let you fly away from your stress and create an intimate relationship that will bring you inner pace and soul satisfaction. For your physical experience to last for a long time, the physical must be healed first, especially the energy of the past relationship that lingers in physics. This energy, negative energy in general, made a lot of failure consistent relationship. Whereas the true art of sensual therapy uses sexual energy to rejuvenate the internal energy, releases blocked the past and present life and we therefore more relieved and pleasured emotions.This type of sensual massage was specifically designed for male customers, makes use of two different phases of execution: deep muscle massage and energizing fast using specific targeted techniques in order to re-oxygenate and tone the tissues tonic and invigorating massage to reactivate the blood circulation in the whole body. It 'a type of massage designed specifically for the modern man always in hurry and daily subjected to stressful situations that strain the body and mind it’s suitable for the dynamic men  full of responsibility and daily busy schedule, who wants to finally devote a break deserved relaxation.

No matter what type of client you're, if you are rushed, hiking, with or without stress, we're expecting you at London erotic massage. We are always at your service with the best girls in town. You will have an unforgettable experience with one of our special girls. Do not wait, come with us and make a gift for yourself: a moment of relaxation and pleasure!To be able to touch people in such a profound way, with grace, beauty and respect and deepely touch their soul our girls have special courses that makes them force you to enter in  the state needed for such a London asian massage. If you never had a tantra experience you should know that the Tantric Massage London is supported by the Tantric philosophy (eg, worship), requires proper training and appropriate knowledge, eg to the flow of energy in the body that you will find only with our girls. You can get more than 2 hour of intense pleasure and relaxation. The Tantric Massage  is holistic: it touches every part of the body with the same loving presence. It involves the body, mind and soul. You can include sensory elements, but also meditation and breathing exercises, techniques of Thai & Tao Massage, sensual massage or erotic massage. And more important this type of London erotic massage is mindfulness, it creates a space in which is safe to open the heart. If all these aren’t enough come at London tantric massage and convince yourself!

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