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A new nuru massage experience awaits you at our London body to body massage parlour. Incall/Outcall b2b massage in London 24/7.

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London Body to Body Massage

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Body to Body Massage in London

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A new nuru massage experience awaits you at our London body to body massage parlour, a nuru experience which will prove to you that, in fact, you have never had this type of therapy before. All the beautiful models that you see aren’t the usual escorts other special massage parlours might have greeted you with. In fact, they are professional and experienced masseuses that, over time, they have refined this exquisite massage technique. Now you can have what you have always wanted with their help: intense and long pleasures, followed by the deepest state of relaxation.

And that is because they have all mastered the arts of several other erotic and sensual massage techniques, arts of the ancient orient, besides the nuru one. This way, your London body to body massage experience will be a unique one, each and every time you will come to us.

London Body to Body MassageOf course, you might know what to expect from a nuru session. The basics are pretty simple, after all – your lovely and sexy angel will soak your body with special oils and massage gels and then proceed to massage you by using her entire body. In other words, every inch of your body will become acquainted with every inch of hers – there will be plenty of intimate touching, but at a different level than you might expect it.

We can’t say how the entire massage therapy session will unfold, simply because it all depends on you, your needs and your preferences. But we can say that you are in for the time of your life – and you will realize that from the first moment you will meet your naughty assistant, who will be dressed with just the naughtiest lingerie ever. On her face she will have a warm and sincere smile, while in one hand she will have a glass of red wine, which will be meant to break all the barriers between the two of you.

Even if it will be the first time the two of you will meet, you will be very surprised to find in her not just a therapist or just an escort, but a real friends that hasn’t seen you in a very long time – you can even say that your superb London body to body massage therapist has had a long crush on you and now she has the chance to prove to you that she was worth the time.

And you will see that when, after sipping and talking for a bit with her in order to further break the ice, she will take your hand and show you how a perfect massage session should begin – take her hand and let her lead you to the hot and bubbly bathtub, where an amazing soapy massage session will follow. In here, she will learn all she needs to know about your preferences, just like she will know what really pleases you.

Then let the magic continue on the very comfortable air mattress, in the special massage room lighted only by scented candles.

So, if you want the best nuru massage in London, you know who to call and where to come. Our naughty London body 2 body massage angels are all waiting for you – their pleasure is to please you, their satisfaction is to bring you full satisfaction.

A wholesome experience

You might say that you have had a London body 2 body massage experience before, but we can bet that you haven’t had the best until you have visited us. Take a look at our gorgeous models and spot the naughtiness in their eyes. But always keep in mind that these are just pictures and they will never catch the full splendour of their bodies – we aren’t even mentioning the skills of our naughty angels.

So imagine what would it be like to have one (or more, if you want) of these beautiful women welcoming you with a sincere smile and a glass of red wine, wearing nothing but the naughtiest lingerie ever, which will be poorly covered by a see-through robe. Then imagine seeing these angels disrobe, revealing their perfect bodies, making the fire burn into your veins. Watch them as, in all four, they are lighting countless of scented candles, slowly coming closer to you – feel their touch as these London b2b massage therapists are unbuttoning your shirt and your trousers, leaving you as naked as there are.

Take your angel’s hand and let her lead you towards the hot and bubbly bathtub – this isn’t about the body’s hygiene, as it would be at other massage parlours. This is about getting you unbearably close to each other. This is about her finding out what exactly pleases you. This is, ultimately, a glimpse into what magic awaits you on the comfortable air mattress.
And that is because the special massage techniques used by these naughty angels cannot be performed on a tight massage table. They need all the space they can get in order to arouse you and provoke as much pleasure as possible.
Make no mistake – while you may imagine all of these, these will actually happen. But make no mistake, because we are indeed a massage parlour and our ladies are indeed professional and experienced masseuses. However, the thing is that the massage techniques used by them are the most erotic and sensual in nature, giving you much more benefits than those used during a regular massage therapy.

Yes, pleasure is the main coordinate of our London b2b massage sessions, but only because we know that pleasure is the only way in which a man could actually relax. All the pleasure that you will feel when the naughty angel is sliding up and down your body is nothing else than a sign that the hidden sexual tension from your body is being revealed. And we all know that a regular masseuse will never attend to this kind of tension.

So, when the time comes, your beautiful masseuse will make the best of a very special massage technique (a massage technique of which only men could enjoy), giving you the most intense and the longest orgasm you have ever experienced. In the following moments, your body will just switch off – you will drift away into a state of deep relaxation, which will enable you to regenerate all your strength and all your vitality in just a couple of minutes.

One single session with any of our experienced ladies will be an unforgettable experience – when you will come again (and we are certain that you will), you will see that your life will make a turn for the best.

So call us and make a first London body 2 body massage appointment – we are waiting for you, ready to fulfil all the fantasies and all the wishes that you have ever had.